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Boubacar Dramé, one of the very best Salsa dancers, once again shows his skills in the whole of Belgium, especially in Flanders, and likes to let people who also want to dance a dance. For several years, the Senegalese salsa dance courses & parties in Ghent, Ostend, Bruges and Kortrijk, etc.

Passionate about Latin American dance and music, Boubacar has developed a dance style of its own: one elegant, charming, sexy, beautiful style, his students call it: Bouba’s style. He himself calls this standard style by the fact that one can easily dance with other styles and he has grown to become a teacher with great fame throughout Belgium many of the Salsa teachers who still give Salsa lessons in Flanders today, were at one time his pupils been, so they have Salsa lessons with him. He is therefore a popular and well-liked guest at major festivals such as Pole Pole, the Antillian Festivities and Noche de la Pasión, where he always provides sparkling demonstrations.

He was also asked several times for TV programs: Love us, Destination flanders, De Nieuwe mama and so on!

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