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Papa Souleymane Sané (Papy)

the man behind Teranga-Fit!
After his first life as a professional Football top athlete, Papa chooses to continue his inspiration from a higher potential and to pass on what he already possesses most naturally: Inexhaustible joy of life and love for people .

In accordance with how he experiences himself as a person in this life, he considers the massage techniques to carry level 2 Zumba ClassI merely as an instrument that makes connection with the other possible.
Papy still doing Classes
As Personal Training

He works from a pure meditative state.

On May 19, 2017 5 was the edition of « Zumba tvv Kinderkankerfonds » by the Europahal Tielt. This edition ended with a record amount of GB€ 11,542.82. From September 2017, a different formula will be used, namely under the name « KKF & Co ».

KKF & Co is led by two sisters, Cindy and Leen Wielfaert. They participated in the previous editions of ‘Zumba tvv Kinderkankerfonds’, but from 2017 to 2018 they are moving in a different direction, a new challenge under a new name. Papy Souleymane Sané will continue with the organization of the Zumba event.

With KKF & Co, Cindy and Leen want to organize activities in which vzw Kinderkankerfonds takes first place. Together with a group of helping hands, they organize all sorts of activities during the working year. This annual program is aimed at a very broad target audience: young and old, sporty or recreational, grandmothers and grandfathers, mums and dads, … They want to give everyone the opportunity to contribute to the next check. First there will be a second hand children’s fair (15/10/2017, Verrekijker Wingene), Sinterklaasfeestje (03/12/2017, Watewy Tielt) and a Quiz with Hutsepot (03/02/2018, Watewy Tielt).

The closing event is a kids day with animation in the Europahal of Tielt. This day will take place on June 3, 2018, after the ‘International Day of the Child’.

Sign by Dalfest

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